{code|friday} is a coding, technology, and CS-related “brown-bag session” for code discussion and tech talks held every Friday at noon during normal (Spring / Fall) semesters.

Everyone is welcome to attend, and anyone may volunteer to present a 7-minute short talk. Talks that include a line-by-line one-screen code review are preferred, but other tech-related talks are accepted as well. Presenters should be prepared to “defend” their code or topic in a 7-minute open forum following their talk. Audience members are encouraged to ask questions, make positive suggestions and observations, and interact with the presenters and other audience members during the open forum. Participation is rewarded in the form of “tokens” that contribute to an overall score in the {code|friday} standings and may lead to “fabulous” prizes1.
1 “fabulous” is a relative term; actual fabulousity may vary.


Anyone who would like to attend {code|friday} is welcome to do so… Just come on in! If you would like to present at an upcoming {code|friday}, please send an email to Jason Causey at jcausey (at) astate.edu with the subject line “{code|friday} presentation” and a description of your topic. It is also OK to just sign-up to do a presentation on the spot — we like spontaneous code outbursts! Presentations should consist of about one “screen” of code, or just enough material to be covered in-depth within the 7-minute time limit. Any programming or tech content is welcome, as long as it isn’t part of a current assignment in any of your classes (past assignments are welcome).